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Lone Cabbage

This bus trip includes round trip to the Lone Cabbage just west of Cocoa for a lunch buffet and an airboat tour down the St Johns River. The plan is to split off in two groups once we arrive - the first group would have a lunch buffet, while the second group takes the airboat tour.  When the second group returns, they would have lunch while the first group takes their airboat tour. 

We will be departing Wednesday October 26 around 9AM at the Community Center (Gazebo#5), and should be returning around 5PM. The cost will be $75 per person. We have limited space so reserve your tickets early. We are hoping to fill the bus, and have a few bucks left for a door prize or two, so hold onto you ticket stub. 

Please contact Jim or Ada Johnson to reserve your ticket.  214-578-3999 or 214-578-3998, 5214 Island View Circle N.