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LIVE STREAM: President Trump speaks at United Nations General Assembly

3 hours 7 min ago

LIVE at about 10:15 a.m.: President Trump addresses the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

Watch live here:

Messy domestic politics overshadow Trump's address to UN

President Donald Trump charged into office on the resonance of his aggressive "America First" agenda, but now, as he returns to the pinnacle of global diplomacy, he can't escape the growing shadows of domestic political troubles.

Between promoting the wisdom of his rapprochement with North Korea's Kim Jong Un and railing against Iran's malign influence across the Middle East, Trump is finding himself forced to confront the salacious and embarrassing as he participates in the U.N. General Assembly.

White House aides had cast Trump's visit to New York in triumphal terms: an opportunity to assert American sovereignty before the multinational body. He was set to be unapologetic about his decisions to engage with the erstwhile pariah North Korea, remove the U.S. from the Iran nuclear accord and object to U.N. aid programs he believes are contrary to American interests.

Trump is to address the General Assembly on Tuesday morning and will chair a meeting Wednesday of the U.N. Security Council on the topic of counterproliferation. The four days of choreographed foreign affairs were to stand in contrast to a presidency largely defined by disorder.

Appearances on the global stage tend to elevate the stature of presidents both abroad and at home. But even before his arrival for the annual bonanza of world leaders and diplomats, the desired image was muddied by confusion in Washington.

The fate of his second Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, was cast into fresh doubt over the weekend amid a second allegation of sexual misconduct.

Drama also swirled Monday around the status of his deputy attorney general. Rod Rosenstein was reported last week to have floated the idea of secretly recording Trump last year and to have raised the idea of using the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office. The man overseeing special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe and a frequent target of Trump's ire offered to resign and fully expected Monday to be fired. He received a stay of punishment at least until Thursday, when he is to meet with Trump at the White House.

With cable news chyrons flashing breathless updates about both Beltway dramas, news of Trump's foreign policy moves from the U.N. -- led by a new trade deal with South Korea -- struggled to break through and disappointed White House aides. A similar fate may await Trump when he speaks to the General Assembly.

A year ago, Trump stood at the international rostrum and derided the North Korean leader as "Little Rocket Man" and threatened to "totally destroy North Korea."

"It was a different world," Trump said Monday of his one-time moniker for the North Korean leader. "That was a dangerous time. This is one year later, a much different time."

Trump praised Kim as "very open" and "terrific," despite the sluggish pace of progress toward denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in delivered a personal message to Trump from Kim after their inter-Korean talks last week in Pyongyang.

"You are the only person who can solve this problem," Moon said to Trump, relaying Kim's words.

The president said the location for a second summit with Kim is still to be determined, but officials have said Trump is holding out hope it could take place on American soil. Such a move would present a complex political and logistical challenge for the North Korean leader. Trump has often fondly invoked the Singapore summit, a made-for-TV event that attracted the world's media attention and largely received positive marks from cable pundits -- reviews that were not repeated for his summit with Russia's Vladimir Putin in Helsinki the following month.

Trump and Moon on Monday signed a new version of the U.S.-South Korean trade agreement, marking one of Trump's first successes in his effort to renegotiate economic deals on more favorable terms for the U.S. Trump labeled it a "very big deal" and said the new agreement makes significant improvements to reduce the trade deficit between the countries and create opportunities to export American products to South Korea.

In both venues, U.S. officials say, Trump is expected both on Tuesday and Wednesday to offer a contrast between the path of negotiation chosen by North Korea and that of Iran. Trump earlier this year bucked allies and removed the U.S. from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, citing Iran's malign influence in the region and support for groups like Hezbollah. The next round of tough sanctions on Iran is set to go into effect in November.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is in New York to attend U.N. meetings. U.S. officials said Trump is not seeking a meeting with him but is not opposed to talking if Iran requests a session.

Shelby Township massage therapist to be sentenced Tuesday for sexually touching women during massage

4 hours 36 min ago

A Shelby Township man accused of sexually touching two women during massage therapy appointments is expected to be back in court Tuesday morning.

Nathan Isaiah Weems, who was a massage therapist at the Namaste Massage and Spiritual Wellness massage parlor in Shelby Township, will be in court at 9 a.m. Tuesday for his sentencing.

ORIGINAL STORY: Shelby Township massage therapist accused of sexually touching women, forcing them to touch him

He had his license suspended after pleading guilty to two counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct and six counts of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct.

Third-degree sexual conduct is a felony, and fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct is a high-court misdemeanor with a maximum penalty of two years in prison.

The appointments with the two victims happened on March 5, according to police.

One of the victims, Janet Wist, shared her story with Local 4.

"He picked up my hand and put it back," she said. "I knew I was in trouble within the first five minutes of the massage."

She filed a police report on the same day the second victim, Lori Georges, was violated.

"I couldn't believe I endured two hours of that," Wist said.

"It's a horrible feeling they leave you with," Georges said.

Wist and Georges fear others may have been violated and want other potential victims to know it's okay to speak out.

2 people dead in house fire on Detroit's west side

7 hours 14 min ago

Two people have died in a house fire on Detroit's west side Tuesday morning.

The fire started around 3 a.m. on Fielding Street in the area of 7 Mile and Evergreen.

Investigators are on the scene right now figuring out what exactly happened.

The bodies are "burned beyond recognition," so the victims are unidentifiable at this time.

Stay with Local 4 and as this story develops.

Eastland Center shopping mall to be auctioned off; bidding begins at $500,000

8 hours 15 min ago

A struggling shopping mall in Wayne County will now officially be auctioned off in October.

Eastland Center shopping mall will be up for auction during the event beginning at noon on Oct. 9. The bidding -- which begins at $500,000 -- is expected to end during the afternoon of Oct. 11.

Not all of the mall will be auctioned off, however. The former Macy's and Target stores will not be a part of the auction since they are owned by another party.

No one knows the fate of the mall following the auction, but according to local reports, the city of Harper Woods wants to form a partnership with the auction's winner and potentially redevelop the mall site.

The mall has been open since 1957 and currently holds stores and restaurants including Kay Jewelers, GNC, Foot Locker, Starter's Bar & Grill and more.

Ford reveals how Michigan Central Station purchase will benefit surrounding communities

Mon, 09/24/2018 - 11:22pm

Since Ford purchased Michigan Central Station in Corktown, there have been questions about how the surrounding communities would benefit. On Monday, the company revealed those plans.

Ford said $900 million will go into the train station, and millions more will be invested to make sure residents already in the neighborhood can stay.

Michigan Central Station was one of Detroit's worst eyesores for years, but Ford said its transformation will bring 5,000 jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars in new tax revenue.

Residents who live within the impacted area of Ford's vision want to make sure they would be included, not ignored.

Ford wanted the community's input. On Monday night, the company outlined the community benefits, including $5 million put aside for workforce training.

"Obviously, affordable housing is key," said Shawn Wilson, manager of community engagement for Ford. "It's one of the key concerns we heard. We wanted to let them know we heard them and put a significant amount to resources behind affordable housing."

Ford said it will invest $2.5 million into the affordable housing leverage fund.

"What it's going to do is allow preservation of affordable housing in the impact area to make sure residents aren't forced (to move away)," Detroit Housing Director Arthur Jemison said.

Most people in attendance supported what Ford is doing, but not everybody was on board.

Resident Alina Johnson questioned if the money Ford gives the city for neighborhood development will be thrown into Detroit's general fund.

"The money is pooled at the city, so if the request isn't specific to impacted residents then we would definitely be in competition for pooled funds," Johnson said.

Jemison said that's not clear right now, but he will make sure residents, living near the train station won't have to fight for money.

"That's a critical concern that's easy to address," Jemison said. "We can write it into the contract language. It will only be spent in this area."

Detroit police: Baby found underneath car after being ejected in suspected drunken driving crash

Mon, 09/24/2018 - 11:21pm

The fast action of some everyday heroes saved a baby's life after a crash caused the infant to be ejected from a vehicle.

Police said the woman behind the wheel is in custody, and the little girl is expected to make a full recovery.

Adrian Ortiz said he saw a white Toyota sail through a stop sign and into a pickup truck. He ran to the crash scene to see if he could help.

"I see the lady pass the stop sign and then bam," Ortiz said. "Then I hear a baby crying."

While he was trying to find the source of the cries, the woman behind the wheel was trying to leave the scene, police said.

"She tried to take off, but by the grace of God, the car wouldn't move because she was burning rubber," Ortiz said. "I looked under the car and then I see the little baby's feet, and I'm like, 'No, no, no.'"

The woman got out of the car and walked away, according to officials.

Ortiz and other good Samaritans lifted the Toyota to get the child out from underneath.

Detroit police arrived at the scene and tracked down the driver, who smelled like marijuana and alcohol, according to authorities. She was taken into custody.

Serial tire thieves caught on camera in Sterling Heights

Mon, 09/24/2018 - 8:25pm

The camera of a Sterling Heights homeowner captured video of serial tire thieves whom police have been searching for all weekend.

Home security video recorded two men stealing tires and rims from a driveway in Sterling Heights.

"If he saw someone doing it, would you really want to go and interrupt them?" a resident asked.

Video shows one of the five vehicles targeted Saturday night into Sunday morning in the area of 15 Mile and Ryan roads.

"It's amazing, happening in broad daylight," a resident said. "They got a lot of guts."

In this case, cameras couldn't deter thieves from leaving a truck on its rotors. It happened near an elementary school.

People who live in the area said that, while they've seen more police officers on patrol, the problem seems to be getting worse. Another resident said he woke up to find his tire had been taken, as well.

"I've lived here 15 years and it's always been little things, but it's starting to be a bit more," he said.

Man given $100,000 bond in aggravated assault case

Mon, 09/24/2018 - 6:22pm

One homeless man was given a $100,000 bond Monday during his arraignment on charges he assaulted and robbed another homeless man.

Robert Allen III, 40, had his bond set during an appearance in 41-B District Court of Clinton Township.

Allen is prohibited from having contact with the 45-year-old victim if he is released from bond. Allen is scheduled to return to court Oct. 3 for a probable cause conference.

The assault and robbery happened Friday. Allen was arrested in Mount Clemens and taken into custody the same day.

The Macomb County Prosecutor's Office authorized a two-count warrant for the suspect: count 1, assault with intent to murder (life felony); and count 2, robbery-unarmed (15 year felony).

Allen is accused of assaulting the victim and then taking his backpack containing his personal property.

The victim remains in critical condition.

Father, girlfriend face charges after 2-year-old boy found dead inside Wayne apartment

Mon, 09/24/2018 - 6:14pm

A father and his girlfriend are facing charges after a 2-year-old boy was found dead inside the father's apartment in Wayne, officials said.

Devin Bisesi was found dead in the apartment last spring. His death is considered suspicious and was the focus of a Michigan State Police investigation for months.

Local 4 has learned that a Child Protective Services report found that the boy was discovered unresponsive March 12.

About 16 hours prior, Devin was placed in a pack 'n play, and a toy chest was placed on top of the pack 'n play to make it like a cage that the boy couldn't escape.

"Devin Luke Bisesi was sitting up with his legs straight and his arms a little in the air," the report says. "Devin Luke Bisesi was not breaking."

The report found the boy got his neck caught between the pack 'n play and the chest, causing him to suffocate.

His father, Matt Luke, and Luke's girlfriend, Jamie Starr, were arrested and face charges.

"My honest reaction is relieved that justice is coming, but also very mixed emotions for my ex-husband," said Jessica Bisesi, Devin's mother. "He is my child's dad and I know that he did love Devin."

Well-known trainer killed in I-94 crash in Romulus

Mon, 09/24/2018 - 5:51pm

A well-known trainer was killed early Sunday morning in a fiery crash on westbound I-94 near Middlebelt Road in Romulus.

Police said when they arrived at the crash scene, the car was engulfed in flames with Freddie Butler still inside.

Personal trainer Armond Harris, of JABS GYM Eastern Market, spent a lot of time exercising with Butler.

"He just reignited a fuel in me, just when it came to fitness," Harris said. "He was always positive."

Harris said Butler's positive attitude was contagious. Butler's mindset brought people to JABS GYM Eastern Market day in and day out. Harris said that's the reason the business is expanding, and they celebrated at his home.

"A few friends said, 'Hey, we're going to head out,'" Harris said. "It was probably around 2:30, and then I said, 'See you guys later.' I even have him on camera at my house."

Harris said it was the last time he saw his friend.

On Monday, people across Metro Detroit mourned the loss of Butler. Execution Coach Keyon Clinton said he wants to honor his friend in the same way they met.

"He actually started the 1 Percent Better Fitness boot camp with me about a year and a half ago," Clinton said. "I'm challenging everybody in the city. If you've ever known Fred, ever met Fred, or ever heard of the good things Fred has done, come out and show Fred that we love him just like a brother."

"He was one of the few people in the fitness world who really cared about you," Harris said.

Family members said Butler's funeral is scheduled for Saturday.

The Fitness Boot Camp to honor Butler will be at 3 p.m. Sunday at 1500 Atwater Street in Detroit.

The expansion of JABS GYM is scheduled for Oct. 1.

Man accused of killing woman, injuring ex-girlfriend, her new boyfriend in triple Detroit shooting

Mon, 09/24/2018 - 5:13pm

Detroit police are working to track down a 32-year-old man suspected in a triple shooting on the city's east side.

Cornelius Dennis is accused of forcing his way into a home in the 5200 block of Kensington Avenue, storming up to the bedroom and shooting 64-year-old Roberta Martin.

Police said Dennis shot Martin multiple times, killing her.

Dennis then shot his 29-year-old ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend, a 33-year-old, according to authorities. Both were rushed to the hospital.

Martin's friends said she was deathly afraid of Dennis and went to the police to help.

"She told them he was violent," said one friend, who didn't want to be identified.

Police haven't confirmed whether the family took out protection orders to keep Martin away, but they said the triple shooting is deeply rooted in domestic violence.

Two children were inside the home during the attack. They were taken to the neighbor's home and are safe, officials said.

Police said Dennis is in a black Chevy Silverado.

Nick Monacelli reports live from the scene of a shooting that left one woman dead and two others injured.

MDP urges candidate to suspend campaign in wake of embezzlement allegations

Mon, 09/24/2018 - 4:51pm

Michigan House Democrats are calling on Jennifer Suidan of Commerce Township to immediately suspend her campaign in the wake of embezzlement allegations. Suidan is running for state representative in Michigan's 39th House District.

The Michigan Democratic Party issued the following statement today on behalf of Party Chair Brandon Dillon regarding allegations against 39th State House District candidate Jennifer Suidan by her employer:

"There is no excuse for these actions, whether committed during a campaign or as a private citizen. Regardless of the timeline, the only option on the table for Ms. Suidan as a candidate is to suspend her campaign for the 39th State House seat immediately. We remain focused on electing our candidates up and down the ballot who will fight for quality, affordable healthcare, protect our Great Lakes, and take on the special interests like Betsy DeVos who have used our state as their piggy bank for the past decade while working people and families continue to suffer under complete Republican control of our government."

Michigan House Democrats call for candidate Jennifer Suidan of Commerce Township to immediately suspend her campaign in wake of embezzlement allegations. She is their nominee in a critical Oakland County seat.

-- Gongwer News Service (@GongwerMichigan) September 24, 2018

West Bloomfield teen to march in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Mon, 09/24/2018 - 4:36pm

West Bloomfield High School senior, Zachary Crawford is one of three students who will represent Michigan in the 2018 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

"This has been a dream of mine for my entire high school career. Participating in one of the most iconic parades in history is something that not many people can say they have done," said Crawford.

Crawford auditioned on his alto saxophone this past March. He had to demonstrate his
marching, playing and music selection abilities.

"Zachary worked hard at preparing his saxophone solo piece for his audition and
is now able to reap the benefits of his careful practice," said Greg Koltyk, Crawford's private saxophone instructor.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is internationally recognized as the official start of the
holiday season and a uniquely American entertainment extravaganza.

Arriving at Macy's Herald Square, the band will perform for celebrity hosts, a grandstand audience, and more than 50 million TV viewers watching the broadcast live on NBC.

Nonprofit organization helps hundreds of Metro Detroit women trapped in sex trafficking rings

Mon, 09/24/2018 - 4:20pm

A nonprofit organization has identified 1,200 women by name who are trapped in sex trafficking rings in the Detroit area, officials said.

The women have been abducted or are being forced into sexual slavery, according to the organization. Work is underway to return women to society.

Women who were rescued were taken to a safe house. The location is being kept quiet to protect them from the people who used them as sex slaves, officials said.

Hope Against Trafficking is a critical waypoint for rescued sex slaves to find their way out. The first house has programs designed to give women rest, comfort, healing and education.

One safe house has been in existence for two years, and a second is opening this weekend.

Click here to visit the Hope Against Trafficking website.

You can watch Paula Tutman's full story in the video posted above.

Redford court officer pleads guilty to two counts of embezzlement

Mon, 09/24/2018 - 4:07pm
On Monday Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette announced that former 36th District Court officer William Blake, 47, of Redford pleaded guilty to two counts of embezzlement by a public official.

"Mr. Blake broke the law for personal monetary benefit. His plea today means he will now be held accountable for his actions," said Schuette.

Blake pleaded guilty before Judge Vonda Evan Monday. As part of the plea, Blake who was previously a Detroit police officer and Highland Park police officer will relinquish his Michigan Commission On Law Enforcement Standards certification. A sentencing date has been set for January 14, 2019.

Between September 2013 and October 2015, Blake embezzled judgment money paid to him in his capacity as a court officer.

Blake collected judgment money from defendants. Instead of paying it to the plaintiffs, he pocketed a judgment of approximately $19,700.00.

The charges were filed by Schuette's Public Integrity Unit in February following an investigation by the FBI's Detroit-Area Public Corruption Task Force.

Project Greenlight cameras catch suspect assaulting two people on video

Mon, 09/24/2018 - 3:29pm

Project Greenlight cameras caught a young man assaulting two people with a gun on Sept. 16.

The suspect, 24-year old Colby Hardy, was taken into custody for a felonious assault on the city's west side.

On the day of the assault at around 12:40 a.m., a 39-year old man and a 59-year old woman were sitting in a black jeep when they were confronted by the suspect. The three then engaged in a verbal dispute.

The suspect believed the woman had taken money from him. During the confrontation, the suspect retrieved a shotgun and pointed it at the victims. He also struck the woman with the butt of his weapon during the argument.

Patrol officers responded to a police run for a felonious assault in the area. They were flagged down and directed to the suspect. The officers made contact with the suspect and immediately conducted an investigation. The suspect was taken into custody without incident.

Members of Real Time Crime Center said they were able to review exterior footage from Project Greenlight cameras at the location, and observed the suspect feloniously assault the victims.

A warrant package was submitted to the Wayne County Prosecuting Office on the day of the assault and approved.

Hardy was charged with one count of assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder, two counts of assault with dangerous weapon and two counts of weapons-felony firearm. Hardy was arraigned on Sept. 17.

Truckload of supplies from Detroit for victims of Florence arrives in North Carolina

Mon, 09/24/2018 - 2:28pm

A truckload of supplies donated from metro Detroit residents during the #Detroit2NC Stuff-a-Semi campaign for Hurricane Florence victims arrived at the Warner Temple AME Zion Church in Wilmington, North Carolina, last night around 6:30 p.m.

North Carolina-based Power Home Solar and Michigan-based Boost 1 Marketing partnered last Thursday for a #Detroit2NC Stuff-a-Semi campaign in Bingham Farms, Michigan, to collect a truckload of supplies to help North Carolina residents impacted by the flooding and damaging winds of Hurricane Florence.

The volunteers from Power Home Solar and Warner Temple Church unloaded six pallets of bottled water; more than 50 bags and two pallets of dog and cat food; over 300 cases of diapers; 250 boxes of toiletries; 60 boxes of cleaning supplies, disposable gloves, and paper products, and 100 large boxes full of backpacks and bags pre-packed with daily essentials sent from Michigan.

Some of the backpacks even included handmade cards with well wishes from Metro Detroit children to North Carolina storm victims.

Fireman charged after stealing pill bottle from scene of fatal car crash

Mon, 09/24/2018 - 2:10pm

A fireman was charged after evidence showed he stole a prescription pill bottle that was found at the scene of a fatal car crash involving two victims, according to the Macomb County Sheriff's office.

On Aug. 21, Macomb County sheriff's deputies along with the Harrison Township Fire Department, responded to a fatal motorcycle crash near the area of Executive Drive and Joy Boulevard in Harrison Township.

The crash involved a single motorcycle with two victims. The operator had been transported to the hospital with life-threatening injuries and the passenger was pronounced dead at the scene.

The deputies reported that an orange prescription pill bottle with multiple pills had been at the scene when they arrived.

The Macomb County Sheriff's Office Crash Investigation Unit also responded to the scene. Upon arrival of the CIU, the orange prescription pill bottle could not be located.

After review of the deputies' body-worn cameras, it was found that a Harrison Township firefighter, Steven Hart, 45, had picked up the pill bottle, looked at it and then walked to a different location of the scene.

It is unknown what Hart did with the pill bottle from that point. The pill bottle was not found despite further investigation.

"In an effort to be more transparent to our community, our deputies wear body-worn cameras as part of their everyday uniform. Not only does this hold our deputies accountable for their actions but it also holds everyone around them, including the public and other first responders, accountable as well," said Macomb County Sheriff Anthony Wickersham.

This incident was presented to the Macomb County Prosecutor's Office and a warrant was issued for Hart for one count of Tampering with Evidence, a four year felony.

Detroit police chief fires officer for offensive social media post

Mon, 09/24/2018 - 12:16pm

Detroit Police Chief James Craig said an officer who posted an offensive comment to social media has been fired from the department.

Sean Bostwick, who was new recruit to the Detroit Police Department, was taken off the job Sunday after sending an offensive message on Snapchat. The comment referred to Detroit residents as "zoo animals."

The department said it first became aware of the incident Sunday afternoon and moved quickly to suspend Bostwick. During a news conference Monday afternoon, Chief Craig said he met with the officer and decided to fire him.

"He is off of our payroll effective tomorrow morning," Craig said.

Craig called the post "very troubling." He said he immediately called for internal affairs to investigate, and then called for a confirmation hearing with the officer during which he was fired.

"Yes, he did express some remorse ... he admitted that he did this," said Craig. "Our officers were deeply troubled by his comment."

Many police officers were praising the decision and are disgusted by the post.

"I want him fired," said retired Detroit police officer Wilbur Medley.

Medley was a police officer for 18 years, retiring in 2017.

"We're out here right now. I don't see any zoo animals," Medley said. "What are you talking about when you say 'zoo animals?'"

Medley was shocked to see the photo on social media. Bostwick works in Detroit's 12th precinct, patrolling Medley's community. The father of three said he's worried about his sons and others in the neighborhood.

"If he's looking at us like zoo animals, who is to say he won't do something bad?" Medley asked.

Medley now works for the Detroit Public Safety Academy, a vocational high school for students interested in law enforcement.

"How can I stand before them and tell them, 'We are here for you,' and then I see a young officer who posted something so offensive?" Medley asked.

As a lifelong resident of Detroit, Medley said while the post is offensive, it does not reflect the values of the Detroit Police Department protecting the city.

"Other cops care about this city," Medley said. "Because we have a great investment in it. You can't take this and say, 'This is what Detroit cops think of you.' No, this is what this cop thinks, and he should be removed."

Reports: Rod Rosenstein expecting to be fired

Mon, 09/24/2018 - 10:57am

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is expecting to be fired Monday at the White House, after critical comments about President Trump.

That's according to a source familiar with his thinking who wasn't authorized to speak on the record and spoke to The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity.

It follows reports Friday that Rosenstein floated the idea of secretly recording President Donald Trump last year and that he raised the idea of using the 25th Amendment to remove Trump as unfit for office. Rosenstein has denied the reports.

DEVELOPING: Deputy AG Rosenstein summoned to the White House, @PeteWilliamsNBC reports on @MSNBC.

-- NBC News (@NBCNews) September 24, 2018